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STI Solar Roofing & Air Conditioning is a local company that specializes in professional installation services for residential and commercial solar energy systems, roofing, and air conditioning. With a focus on continuous training and customer service, we bring affordable, high-quality products and services to our customers.
With an STI Solar Energy System, homeowners can save thousands and take control of their energy needs. Our mission is to provide electricity at the lowest possible cost through systems that are designed and installed to generate the most power per panel. With lower installation costs, strong government incentives, increasing energy costs, and our solar financing programs, you can now take charge of your energy needs. STI Solar makes it affordable and easier than ever to make the switch to solar energy for your home.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

STI Solar has installed over 350 PV systems in Hawaii and each month more and more homeowners choose STI Solar. Get in touch with us and see why our value pricing, professional installers and experience makes us the smart choice for your new solar PV system.

Energy Storage

Power outages are common in Hawaii and some last over 6 hours and even days. Even if you have a solar PV system, you’ll be in the dark unless you have battery storage. Today batteries are also for self-supply which saves you even more money.

Solar Hot Water

In Hawaii, heating water accounts for a large proportion of energy costs and uses more energy than most appliances in the home. With generous tax incentives, the cost is even less than a traditional hot water system.

Solar Split Air Conditioning & Attic Fans

Whether you choose our Hybrid Solar Split AC System that is powered by the sun, or the world’s best-selling Daikin Split AC System we can cool individual spaces with ease!

Expert Roofing Services

Your roof needs to be replaced on average every 20 years. In Hawaii, we have extreme elements like constant wind and rain that can decrease its useful life.

We offer $0 Money Down for all of our services!

We offer the industry’s leading financial options for your solar + storage system, air conditioners and a new roof including leases, loans, and PPAs.


Certification for Solar Installers

STI Solar, a division of the Solar Training Institute, is the ONLY full-service solar company in Hawaii whose installation teams are professionally trained and at least one solar technician is NABCEP certified. According to the NABCEP website:
“NABCEP Board Certifications ensure you have the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of renewable energy projects and employers across the world. Developed by subject matter experts for industry professionals, our U.S.-based certifications are built on rigorous standards and ongoing research to meet the real-world needs of customers, businesses, utility companies, and governmental organizations. With a NABCEP Board Certification attached to your name, you can work in the renewable energy industry anywhere around the globe.”
Most solar companies hire people without experience and train them “on the roof.” STI Solar has organized, certified training of our solar workers that ensures a better product, and a safer and more reliable installation of your PV system.

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