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About STI Solar Roofing & Air Conditioning


My name is Devin Ruiz. I’m the owner and founder of STI Solar Roofing & Air Conditioning. I’m one of the early pioneers in Hawaii during the solar PV (photovoltaic) revolution and through my original company, Solar Training Institute, a State of Hawaii certified training organization, we trained contractors and individuals entering the growing solar industry. We trained hundreds of workers across Hawaii to safely and properly install quality solar systems and provided the highest certification in the solar industry known as NABCEP. Then in 2012 under the name STI Solar we started installing solar panels on Oahu, and later on Kauai, then eventually air conditioners.
While we no longer perform training for the public, our experience with the Solar Training Institute eventually led us to installing solar. As a training organization, we only know the “right” way to install systems – in terms of quality, consistency, safety and to manufacturers exact specifications – because the Certification Board requires it. Today, our customers get the benefit of knowing that they will get an affordable high-quality solar system installed properly and safely, giving them enjoyment for years and years to come.
As from the beginning, our mission is to provide solar energy at the lowest possible cost through systems that are designed and installed to generate the most power per panel. PV system owners deserve the best, and STI Solar delivers. Through extensive training, education programs, and product knowledge, our Solar Consultants guide our customers through the process and help educate them every step of the way. We take the confusion out of solar and answer questions that most companies can’t. With a wide range of state-of-the-art solar products and affordable no-money-down financing programs, we make going solar easy. We consult our customers on the best options for saving the most money on energy and make the solar experience exceptional.
STI Solar also has a residential and commercial roofing division that serves our customers on Kauai and Oahu, and specializes in roof replacements, insurance claims, roofs for new construction, and solar attic fans. We also partner with many roofers to remove and re-install solar systems before and after reroofing the home.

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In order to design the best possible customized solar system for your home, we need to collect some general information about your energy needs and goals. We will evaluate your current and historical electrical usage, available roof space and how much sunlight your roof gets year round. With this information we can provide you with a quote and cost savings.