Air-Conditioned Cooling Powered by the Sun

Air-Conditioned Cooling Powered by the Sun

Yes, sunlight’s the reason why your home or business grows uncomfortably hot during the day. Harnessed correctly, however, you can use power from the same, uncomfortably warm sunshine to make the inside of your home or business feel pleasantly cool. The power of solar air conditioning imparts many benefits — especially when living in a hot and sunny climate like ours.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Air Conditioning?

1. Cost Savings

On average, air conditioning accounts for 60% of most residences’ energy expenses. As long as the sun’s shining, you can use its free energy to power the cooling of your home, which results in drastically reduced power bills. In addition, you’ll also likely qualify for tax credits and other incentives for installing solar air conditioning in your home, which means even greater savings. Plus, if your system’s attached to the main power grid, you might also be able to sell excess stored energy back to the grid, actually making money on your home’s solar power system.

2. Energy Savings

As climate change becomes a greater issue and non-renewable resources become more scarce and costly, renewable resources are becoming increasingly desirable. By capturing and storing the sun’s energy for use, an activity your solar air conditioning unit and solar panels can do every day from sun up to sundown, you’ll decrease your carbon footprint. As a result, you’ll be doing your part for the environment’s health and you’ll also help keep the cost of non-renewable energy lower by decreasing the total demand for energy from the main power grid.

3. Better Climate Control

Hybrid or split-system solar air conditioners run on independent thermostats that constantly monitor the temperature of your home or office. Rather than kicking on when it gets hot and off when the room gets chilly, like traditional air conditioners, solar powered systems self-regulate and adjust their output based on the current temperature. As a result, you’ll enjoy a more stable interior climate.

4. Immune to Outages

Solar air conditioners operate independently of the main power grid, and hybrid systems can do both. As a result, your air conditioning will be powered by the sun throughout the day, only supplementing with energy from the grid, if needed at night. With solar air conditioning, you’ll no longer be dependent on the grid, meaning your home will stay cool, even during a power outage or when everyone else is running their air conditioners at full-blast.

Why Wait to Start Saving Energy and Money? Get a Solar Air Conditioning Quote Today

If you’re interested in installing solar air conditioning in your home, business, or rental property, we welcome you to contact STI Solar, Roofing & Air Conditioning. We service residences and commercial properties in both Kauai and Oahu. With no-money down financing available, in addition to tax credits and energy cost savings, we help more clients access the benefits of solar powered air conditioning! Contact us today.

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