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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

STI Solar, Roofing & Air Conditioning offers a variety of both solar and traditional air conditioning products to cool your home. With an electric, wall-mounted, ductless air conditioning system, you can beat the heat day or night in any size room, home, office, or home addition without the need to install costly and inefficient ductwork.

We Offer Solar Conditioners Too!

In addition to traditional air conditioning, we specialize in Hybrid Solar A/C Systems that efficiently cool interior spaces with power straight from the sun.


Cooling Your Home with a Split-System Air Conditioning Unit

The Daikin split-system air conditioning unit features a streamlined design that pairs a seamlessly mounted indoor unit with a quiet and compact outdoor unit. Daikin’s split-system air conditioning units are perfect for homes without built-in duct systems, single rooms, separately zoned areas, and home additions that are not connected to the rest of the home’s duct system.
Split-system units are easily scalable to cool a variety of differently sized spaces without the need to install expensive ductwork throughout your home. A split-system air conditioning unit is designed to operate without ducts by drawing air from the outdoor unit and delivering it through copper refrigerant tubing via an opening that needs to be no larger than about three inches in diameter.
A split-system air conditioner consists of an outdoor condensing unit and a small, wall-mounted indoor evaporator. With only the width of your walls separating the two, the efficient design doesn’t allow for the loss or warming of cool air as it moves through ducts inside your home. Rather, the indoor evaporator delivers cool air directly to your home’s living space or office’s interior.

Why We Choose Daikin Air Conditions

Daikin has been the world’s leading air conditioning company for over 90 years. They manufacture high-quality products. Plus, they offer sleek designs and high efficiency. Daikin’s innovative models of ductless air conditioning units can be scaled to accommodate any size of space from small rooms and medium-sized areas to large commercial and industrial applications. In addition, they manufacture efficient models for cooling single zones, multiple zones, and entire homes or business spaces. Other best of class features include:

Split-System Air Conditioning Installation

Split-system air conditioning installation is a relatively simple process. Our technicians can help you determine the best locations in your house for maximum efficiency. Our professionals at STI Solar, Roofing & Air Conditioning will help you through the entire process of purchasing, installing, and maintaining split-system air conditioners for your home or business in Kauai or Oahu. We welcome you to contact us for more information or a quote today.

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