Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Have you ever wished the setting sun didn’t act like a light switch for your home or business? With a solar energy storage system, your solar power doesn’t have to go out with the sun.

Most homes have experienced power outages over the years with some lasting over 6 hours. Even if you have a solar PV system, you’ll be in the dark unless you have battery storage. The reason the solar panels shut down when the power goes out is for safety reasons and is required by the utility companies.


Solar batteries also allow you to store excess energy that your solar panels produce during the day, and you can use that energy in the late afternoon/evening, when you need it. This saves you even more money because you won’t be buying energy from the utility at retail rates.


Why Use a Solar Home Battery?

Keep What’s Yours

Rather than selling your excess solar energy back to the utility company for pennies, energy storage means you can keep what’s yours. It’s like bottling sunshine for future use.

Say Goodbye to Blackouts

When the power goes out due to downed lines, a strong storm, or a blackout, solar systems, which are plugged into the energy grid, also turn off for safety reasons. So all power shuts down when the power goes out, even though homes and businesses equipped with solar energy storage have a viable source of energy still available. With a home energy storage system, your home or business can safely remain “on” throughout any outage avoiding the hassle and disruption of power out.

Go off the Grid

With efficient energy storage, you can unplug from public power and go completely off-grid to find out what it feels like to be totally energy independent. The lithium-ion or lithium-iron batteries used for solar energy storage are safe, highly reliable, and long-lasting. Most are warranted for up to 10 – 15 years depending on the manufacturer. So, you can enjoy peace of mind, saving money, and being completely self-sufficient.

Tax Credit Benefits

If purchased and installed at the same time as your primary solar energy system, energy storage batteries are eligible for the same tax credits and rebates as the rest of your investment. If you add batteries later, you’ll need to also add a few solar panels to claim the tax credits. So, you’ll save money on nighttime energy use and get a break when tax time next rolls around.

Lithium Solar Energy Storage Batteries

At STI, we recommend lithium-ion and lithium-iron batteries, which are reliable and powerful and come with excellent warranties and monitoring with your smart device. Our clients satisfy all their storage needs with one or more of these sleek compact batteries. To learn more about how installing solar energy storage batteries will save you money while making your home or business safe from blackouts, call STI for a quote today at 808-664-1052. We have great financing for low, middle and high credit scores.


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