EV Charging Station Experts

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Station Experts

STI Solar is your partner Oahu and Kauai for all your EV charging station needs. Our team of experts begins each engagement with a comprehensive location assessment, then quickly design and install the perfect charging station to fit your unique needs.


We work with homeowners, commercial buildings, government agencies, hotels & resorts and condominium/AOAOs. We manage every step of the process from planning to permitting to plugging in.


Investing in EV Infrastructure

We are on the verge of mass adoption of electric vehicles driven by climate change and increased government tax incentives that will grow the need for EV chargers in your home or business.


For businesses, investing in EV infrastructure can future-proof your business for market resiliency and mass appeal, especially in Hawaii’s hotels & resorts, shopping centers, restaurants and especially condominium and apartment buildings. Onsite charging stations provide access to beneficial data including CO2 savings, kWh-usage, energy costs and charging point activity.

Let’s Get Started Today

Today, we offer a range of EV chargers for residential and commercial applications, depending on your needs with brands like ChargePoint, SemaConnect, Tesla, Lectron and EnelX.

If you are a commercial business on Oahu or  Kauai and would like a free consultation on  how to adopt your company’s EV
infrastructure plan, please contact us today.

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