Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We can complete a typical, residential solar system within about 4 weeks, and our average customer saves at least 35 percent on their power bills. The physical installation takes about 3 days on average, but the majority of the time is processing documentation with the utility company and building department for plans, permits and inspections.

Before we suggest any type of residential solar project, an STI representative will visit your home for a free consultation to make certain that your investment in renewable energy will benefit you. However, it has been proven for many years that that solar energy will always save you money; it just depends on how much energy you are using and if you install home solar batteries with the system. But in most cases, you will save between 35% and 45% on your energy cost. All STI proposals will come with a cost savings and benefits.

We can also help our customers access no-money-down financing with payments as low as $85 a month.
Our average customer saves at least 35 percent on their monthly power bills. A decision to install a solar energy system in on your Hawaii home today could mean saving on energy in as little as four weeks.

In most cases, the answer is yes. Solar home batteries today are affordable, safe and besides having a backup source of energy during a power outage, they supply your home at night with energy saving you even more money because you’re not paying retail utility rates at night.


More benefits include:

Energy Independence – You can generate, store and use ALL of the energy your solar PV system produces.
Save Energy, Save Money – You can reduce their utility bills even more by using battery power when electricity is most expensive to offset peak electricity use times.
A Stronger, More Resilient Home – Your home will be more resilient against power outages, storms, and natural disasters.

Typically, our customers are most satisfied with solar power when they:

  • Have typical electric bills in excess of $150 per month
  • Have roofs that face to the west, east or south
  • Can usually expect plenty of sun exposure between mid-morning and mid-afternoon


An STI Representative will inspect your home even before we provide a proposal to you, and they will explain how STI will maximize your home’s characteristics by designing a cost effective system for you and discuss things like roof condition, your main electric service and if your home requires any electrical upgrades or modifications for your home or business. Our job is to always maximize the system’s production while keeping the cost down as much as possible. If your home or business needs a new roof or roof repair, your STI Representative will discuss different options with you.

Solar power installations typically increase the market value of their home(s) dramatically should they decide to sell in the future.

Yes! Solar energy is a renewable and clean source of power. Relying upon clean energy sources instead of fossil fuels helps keep our environment pollutant-free and helps us conserve resources for the future. Do your part in preserving our beautiful Hawaiian islands by installing a solar system today.

Home Solar for $0 Down

Start Saving Money on Energy Today

Here at STI Solar, we have installed hundreds of solar systems on Kauai and Oahu, Hawaii. We can also provide attractive financing offers that don’t require a down payment. That means you can begin saving money on your overall energy costs right away. In addition to residential solar PV systems on Kauai & Oahu, we also provide solar home batteries, solar hot water and cooling systems (air conditioning).



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