Solar Project and Home Improvement Financing

No-money down Financing

We offer the industry’s leading financial options for your system, which include no-money down leases and loans. Whether you simply want to lease a system or own it and get the tax credits, your system will be professionally maintained for the entire finance term. With a wide range of state-of-the-art solar products and affordable financing programs, we make saving with solar easy.

No-Money Down Lease: With residential solar leasing offered through our finance partners, you can start saving money on the electric bills in the first month without putting any money down. You simply make monthly lease payments that, when combined with the new lower electricity bill, are less than what you are paying today. The result is excellent solar savings without any upfront money.

No-Money Down Solar Loans: STI Solar also offers a variety of Solar and Energy Efficiency programs through our STI Power Loan. Our loans are designed to maximize homeowner savings on solar investments and can be combined into one low monthly payment for Solar Energy Systems, Solar Hot Water, or Solar A/C and roofing. And with rates as low as 1.9% APR and generous tax incentives, we make solar energy affordable for your family.


STI Solar Expertise

With our extensive background in certification training and industry knowledge, our solar experts will design and install your system. All of our solar installers have completed a nationally recognized certification training to ensure quality, safety, and the highest standards set forth by the NABCEP Certification Board. Combining our expertise with high attention to Customer Service makes STI Solar the right choice to install your solar energy system.

Let’s Get Started

STI Solar’s professional Solar Consultants make the process easy and pain-free. We will collect some general information about your energy needs and goals. We will evaluate your current and historical electrical usage, available roof space, and how much sunlight your roof gets year-round. With this information, we can provide you with your cost savings and design the most efficient system. With extensive training and product knowledge, our Solar Consultants will guide you through the process and help educate you every step of the way.
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Save energy and money with our wide range of solar products and services including our no-money-down financing.

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