Solar for Your Home

Solar for Your Home

Solar Done Right Since 2009

Solar for Kauai and Oahu Homes

STI Solar operates on the islands of Kauai and Oahu where combined we have installed over 500 solar systems and we would love to install one at your home. We only use the industry’s best solar panels, inverters and solar home batteries that offer true value to our customers. And their warranties will keep you worry free for 25 years and beyond.
We also provide attractive financing offers that don’t require a down payment or any money out of pocket. We simply design a custom system for your home, process all County and utility applications, install the system and only until you have permission to operate the system will the monthly payments begin. That means you can begin saving money on your overall energy costs right away.

Why Install A Residential Solar System for Your Island Home?

At STI Solar, we focus on making clean, cheap, and renewable energy accessible for all homeowners. We can complete a typical, residential solar system within about 4 weeks, and our average customer saves at least 35 percent on their power bills.
Before we will suggest any type of residential solar project, an STI representative will visit your home for a free consultation to make certain that your investment in renewable energy will benefit you. We can also help our customers access no-money-down financing with payments as low as $85 a month. A decision to install a solar energy system in your Kauai home today could mean savings on energy as soon as the next month or so.
Typically, our customers are most satisfied with solar power when they:
Of course, many of our clients are referred to us about residential solar systems because they simply want to save money on electric bills. Still, many homeowners have also learned that solar power installations typically increase the market value dramatically should they decide to sell in the future. In addition, relying upon clean and renewable power sources can help keep the air clean and preserve resources for the future.

Get Started With Residential Solar Power Today

Does the possibility of saving money on electricity, increasing your home’s value, and helping to preserve the natural environment sound like a good idea to you? If so, contact us here at STI Solar today to discuss our solutions.
After a quick phone consultation, STI Solar will send a qualified energy consultant to your home to ensure that you can benefit from solar power. At that point, the STI Solar representative will also offer you various options for your residential solar project and for financing the installation.

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