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No Money Down For Your Solar or Roofing Project!

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Save energy and money with our wide range of solar products and services including our no money down financing.

Go solar today with STI Solar’s easy financing programs. For as little a $85/month you can save money on your electric bills with a no money down solar system for your home. All you need to do is call and setup a free consultation and one of our expert solar consultants will come to your home and provide you with a cost savings estimate. We have helped many Kauai home owners make the switch to solar energy and we can help you too.


STI Solar has installed over 250 PV systems on Kauai and each month more and more home owner choose STI. As one of the largest installers on the island, we have many satisfied customers.

STI Solar offers attractive financing for homeowners that need or prefer to finance their system, and we typically install their system in about 4 – 6 weeks. We can reduce your average electric bill by about 35% and with our no money down lease or solar loan the savings start as soon as your system is turned on. We also offer battery storage for homeowners that want to go off-grid.

Systems low as $99/month OAC.

Sun Bandit® Solar PV Hot Water Heater

In Hawaii heating water accounts for a large proportion of energy costs and uses more energy than most appliances in the home. This is why many homeowners switch to solar – it saves about $100 or more for the average household.

Sun Bandit® is a revolutionary new way in which solar is used to heat water. This innovative new technology utilizes PV technology to deliver clean, reliable hot water by putting the free energy of the sun to work for you in ways that makes owning a solar system more practical and affordable than ever before.

Kauai residents that qualify may claim the 30% Federal Tax Credit and Hawaii State Tax Credit up to 35% of the cost of the system. 10 Year System Warranty, 25 Year Panel Warranty

Residential Solar Air Conditioning

Hybrid Solar Split System Air Conditioner

Homeowners and businesses love our Hybrid Solar A/C Systems that are powered straight from the sun. Our ductless split system air conditioners cool the room within minutes, are easily programmable, have a sleek design look and best of all – they run on solar energy for free! And since no utility approval is required, we can install them right away.

With two sizes available, a 12,000 BTU for smaller rooms and an 18,000 BTU for larger rooms and offices, we can cover all your cooling needs.

The hybrid technology, which uses solar by day and utility power when the sun isn’t shining, allows for complete comfort day and night. And they qualify for Federal & Hawaii State tax credits which makes them even more affordable.

No money down financing available – as low as $74/month for a complete 12,000 BTU system.

Commercial Solar Air Conditioning

Hotels, Rentals and Timeshares

Property managers know that vacationers use a lot of energy simply because they aren’t paying any extra for electricity. Leaving the lights on all day, and worse, air conditioners that consume even more energy, cost management thousands $ each month and takes away from their bottom line.

STI Solar has developed a solution that provides comfort, and a new revenue stream. Our SMART/AC system uses a remote controller hub delivered over a wireless network that allows property managers to turn the A/C unit on or off from the front desk, and even disable it. When the guest checks in, they are offered use of the solar a/c in their room(s) for a nominal fee. If they decline, it gets disabled. The fees add up each day and the A/C units pay for themselves in less than a year. Plus the guests appreciate the increased comfort and that the A/C units are being powered by the sun, a renewable energy source.

We also offer no money down financing for commercial businesses.


Your roof is an important part of your home and needs to replaced on average every 20 years. On Kauai, we have extreme elements like constant wind and rain that can decrease its useful life. A new roof also enhances your home’s curb appeal, increases the value of your home, creates comfort and gives you peace of mind especially during the rainy season. In order to fully protect your home, you need a complete roofing system that has a waterproof barrier so no leaks occur and stands up nature’s elements. It must also have proper ventilation to keep it cooler especially in the summer months. Our solar attic fans are best for this application.

STI offers top of the line roofing products from CERTAINTEED® sourced through local suppliers to provide you with the best quality roof replacement or new construction. With our high standards of quality and customer services we’ve delivered since 2009 we make your roof replacement project easy and hassle free.

Signs Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

Don’t wait until it’s raining to replace your leaky roof.  If you notice any of these signs of a worn-out roof, don’t wait – call STI today!

  • Cracked shingles or tiles
  • Curling shingles
  • Dark streaks from algae
  • Missing shingles or tiles
  • Water Spots on your ceiling
  • Plants growing out of your rain gutters!

Keep in mind that if your roof is over 20 years old, it might be time for a roof replacement even if you don’t see obvious signs of damage. The shingles that are made today are designed to last upwards of 30 years but some of the materials on your roof like the plywood, rain gutters and fascia boards were not.

Insurance Claims for Storm Roof Damage

Hawaii receives high wind activity on a regular basis, and many folks don’t realize that missing shingles and similar damage may be covered under their homeowner’s insurance. As a result, you may be eligible for a free roof replacement.

STI offers assistance in processing insurance claims. We understand the insurance process and we can help you to get your claim approved if its damaged. We will do a full property assessment for storm and severe weather-related damages that may be covered under your insurance policy. If a claim needs to be filed, we will walk you through your insurance company’s claims process and install the new roof as the claim has been paid out.

What about my solar system if I need to reroof?

Many homes on Kauai have solar PV or solar hot water systems. We know because we’ve installed many of them.  If your home has an existing system, STI will remove it and re-install it for a minimal fee when you replace your roof with STI. We can also check your system to make sure it’s working at its maximum potential in the process.

Energy Storage

Most KIUC customers have experienced power outages over the years with some lasting over 6 hours. Even if you have a solar PV system, you’ll be in the dark unless you have battery storage. The reason the solar panels shut down when the power goes out is for safety reasons and is required by KIUC.

With one or more compact, powerful LG RESU Lithium Ion battery storage units mounted on your garage wall you will take complete control of your home power actually creating your own micro grid in case of a multiday outage like a hurricane. The LG batteries are safe around kids and pets and are rated with the highest liability on the market.

Kauai homeowners also choose battery storage to use 100% of the power their solar system generates instead of “selling” it back to the utility – called self-consumption. The solar panels charge the batteries during the day, and you use the energy stored in the batteries at night. It’s the best value you can buy for your home and you’ll be completely energy independent.

The cost of battery storage has come down a lot in the recent year and are now affordable for most homeowners and have a very short pay back. And with a 10-year warranty, you will be both energy independent and have power when the lights go out.

If you are thinking of installing a solar power system at your home, you should consider doing the batteries at the same time to get the Federal and State tax credits. If you add batteries later you won’t qualify.

We have great financing for low, middle and high credit scores. Call us today at 808-664-1052.

RESU10H Benefits

Electricity Bill Saving

  • Charge during off-peak times.
  • Discharge during peak times.
  • Self-consumption
  • Store solar energy generated from your solar panels for future use.
  • Emergency Power Backup
  • Discharge during a blackout, functions as back-up power.

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In order to design the best possible customized solar system for your home, we need to collect some general information about your energy needs and goals. We will evaluate your current and historical electrical usage, available roof space and how much sunlight your roof gets year round. With this information we can provide you with a quote and cost savings.



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