Solar Air Conditioning

Solar Air Conditioning

Solar Air Conditioning

In Hawaii’s heat, air conditioning for homes and businesses is essential to living everyday life comfortably and safely. Residential and commercial customers of STI Solar, Roofing & Air Conditioning love our Hybrid Solar A/C Systems that efficiently cool interior spaces with power straight from the sun. These ductless, split system air conditioners cool rooms within minutes, are easily programmable, have a sleek design, and — best of all — they run on solar energy for free! Plus, since no utility approval is required, we can install these systems right away.

How Does Hybrid Solar Split System Air Conditioning Work?

Hybrid Solar Split System Air Conditioners are a reliable means of cooling because they run off of energy collected from the sun during the daytime and use supplemental power from the grid during the night or on especially cloudy days. Since they are capable of operating on both AC and DC currents, hybrid systems save on energy costs and limit the use of non-renewable resources, without anyone needing to compromise the comfort of their home or business.
In addition, these self-regulating systems are designed to ensure consistent and smooth functionality, using a self-moderating thermostat to control the temperature in a home. Hybrid solar air conditioners maintain a steady and comfortable indoor temperature, rather than causing temperature drops and spikes, when kicking on and off, like regular AC units throughout the day and night.

Residential Solar Air Conditioning

Cooling the air inside of a residence usually accounts for up to 60% of the home’s total energy use. This makes air conditioning the most significant energy expense in most homes located in warm, sunny climates, like ours. Hybrid solar air conditioning units, however, cut these energy costs, running on solar power by day and only using energy from the grid after sunset.
For smaller rooms inside most residential homes, we recommend installing 12,000 BTU solar air conditioning units. To efficiently cool larger, open areas, we typically recommend selecting a larger 18,000 BTU solar air conditioning unit.

Commercial Solar Air Conditioning

Solar air conditioning is a popular choice for hotels, rentals, and timeshares because they not only cut business expenses, increasing your bottom line but also facilitate remote access. This allows property owners to control temperatures from afar, charge air conditioning use fees, and ensure the unit is powered down when properties are vacant.

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With some basic information regarding your home or business space on Oahu or Kauai, we can provide you with an estimate for installing solar air conditioning or other solar products. To assist with the up-front expense and help more clients access the advantages of solar energy, we offer no-money-down financing to both commercial and residential clients. In addition, STI Solar, Roofing & Air Conditioning’s solar products and services qualify for both state and federal tax credits, saving our customers money in addition to the energy savings that will accrue over time.

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