Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar water heating uses energy from the sun to collect heat, instead of electricity, which is used to heat water for bathing, radiant heating systems, and more. Heating water with a gas or electric hot water heater accounts for a large portion of energy costs in Hawaii. Solar water heating can provide most of a business or household’s hot water needs, cutting monthly energy bills by about $100 for the average household and even more for those using electric (not gas) hot water heaters. For households on Kauai and Oahu, residents may qualify for both a 26% Federal tax credit and a rebate from Hawaii Energy of up to $2,250. The installation of a solar hot water heater typically pays for itself after an average of about two to three years.

How Does Solar Hot Water Heating Work?

There are a variety of solar water heating solutions available, depending on your business or household’s specific hot water demands. Although each system differs slightly, they all heat water for your needs using the sun’s ample energy.
A solar hot water heating system features a solar panel called a solar collector (usually placed on a roof or on the ground where there is plenty of sunlight) to heat water that circulates through the system into a heat exchanger, where it transfers heat into the water for your home or business. Requiring minimal maintenance, the entire system operates itself using heat sensors and automatic pumps.

Maintaining Your Solar Hot Water System

With proper annual maintenance and care, a high-quality solar water heating system can operate efficiently beyond the 12-year warranty period. Systems should be flushed annually and have proper inspections performed on valves and pumps to ensure proper function, deter corrosion, and mitigate wear and tear on the entire electro-mechanical system. During annual maintenance, a technician will also pressure test the system, detecting and fixing any leaks before they become major problems.

SunEarth Standard on Oahu and Kauai

At STI, we work exclusively with SunEarth’s high-quality, time tested solar systems and components. SunEarth’s solar water heating systems and tanks have been successfully heating water in Hawaii for over 34 years. In addition, they provide a 12-year warranty on their solar water heaters and tanks, meaning residents can enjoy the low-cost, environmentally-friendly benefits of free hot water for many years.
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