Take Control of Your Power with a Solar Power Storage Battery

Take Control of Your Power with a Solar Power Storage Battery

If you’re tired of living with the rising and setting sun as your light switch, then solar power storage is for you! Like bottling the power of the sun, solar energy storage batteries can effectively power your home or business after dark or during a power outage.

Your Solar Power System without vs. with a Storage Battery

Solar Power without Storage

Throughout a sunny day, your solar panels likely capture more energy than you’re able to use. Without a storage battery, the excess power your panels generate returns to the power grid and is sold to your power company. When the sun sets, your solar power stops and your home or business begins using energy from the power grid. Night or day, if the power goes out, your power will also turn off. Even though, you’re generating your own energy, using the sun, all power connected to the grid must be turned off during an outage for safety reasons.

Solar Power with Storage

When you have a storage battery attached to your home or business’s solar power system, the excess energy generated throughout the day is stored in your battery, instead of being sold back to the grid. After the sun sets, your power system will switch over to using stored solar energy, rather than drawing from the power grid’s costly energy.

In the event of a blackout — day or night — you’ll be able to continue using your stored solar power because solar energy storage batteries are not connected to the power grid. Since solar storage batteries operate completely separate from the power grid, you can continue to safely keep your phone charging, your dinner cooking, and the lights turned on during a power outage.

Enjoy Freedom from the Power Grid and These Benefits of Solar Storage

1. Save Money – With solar storage, you can use the energy your panels already generated to avoid paying high energy rates, especially those charged for using power from the grid during peak use times.

2. Continuous Supply – With solar energy storage, it’s like the sun never sets on your home or business. Whether it’s after dark or a rainy day, you’ll be able to draw power from your battery.

3. Keep Your Power – Your solar panels made the power, so you should be able to keep it!

Highly Rated Batteries for Your Solar Energy System on Kauai or Oahu

At STI Solar, Roofing & Air Conditioning, we recommend customers use the highly rated LG RESU Lithium Ion Solar Energy Storage Batteries. These solar power storage batteries are powerful, reliable, and come with a ten-year warranty. Our commercial and residential clients on Kauai and Oahu can meet all their energy storage needs with one or more of these compact, sleek-looking batteries. To learn more about how you can save money and take control of your power with solar batteries, contact STI Solar, Roofing & Air Conditioning for a quote today!

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