The Benefits of Solar Energy


The Benefits of Solar Energy

While coal and oil-powered energy sources are expensive and scarce for Hawaii’s residents, everyone knows we have plenty of sunshine, and that’s one of the reasons why investing in solar energy is a marvelous decision. Whether you own a home, a commercial building, or operate a rental property, you can benefit from solar energy.

7 Benefits of Using Solar Energy

1. Save Money Every Month

When your home is outfitted with solar panels and a solar power system, you’ll save money every month on your power bill. Plus, when you generate more energy than you use, the grid might actually wind up paying you for the extra power your solar panels provide.

2. Get Started with Little Up-Front Cost

While you can make the investment of purchasing a solar power system for your home or office, you can also tap into the power of this great renewable resource with little or no up-front cost to you thanks to the great leasing and financing options available.

3. Take Advantage of Tax Incentives

If you do choose to purchase a solar energy system, you can take advantage of some pretty great tax incentives and credits that are available both federally and locally. If you purchase a system be sure to include the associated costs in your tax documents.

4. Increase Property Value

As the cost of power and concern for our carbon footprint increases, so does the desirability of solar energy. Installing solar panels, solar heating, and solar air conditioning in your home can certainly help increase its resale value.

5. Improve Short-Term Rental Income

Another benefit of solar air conditioning, specifically for short-term rentals is the additional ability to charge daily usage fees for these remotely controllable and accessible systems.

6. Black-Out Protection

With a battery back-up solar power system, your home or business will be black-out-proof – even on the hottest days of the year.

7. Better for the Environment

Solar energy is a renewable resource. So of course, using solar energy in your home or business will reduce your carbon footprint.

Experience the Advantage of Solar Energy on Kauai and Oahu

If you’d like to find out exactly how you could benefit from getting solar energy for your home or business on Kauai or Oahu, we welcome you to contact STI Solar, Roofing & Air Conditioning for more information and a free quote today. Our solar power experts will be happy to help you determine the best solar power system for your home or business and answer all of your questions.

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