Tips to Use before Attempting To Hide Your Air Conditioner Condenser

Not everyone has the luxury of having the space in their backyard to build an entire room dedicated to their air conditioning unit. Some people have to find creative ways to hide this unsightly piece of equipment in their yards, and it’s actually not as hard as you might think. If you’re looking to hide your air conditioner condenser in your backyard, here are easy and effective tips.

Make it Accessible for Repair or Maintenance Work

Make sure that you can access your air conditioner at all times to ensure that it should be under observation. Additionally, try not to place your air conditioner in an area where it will be inaccessible. In other words, don’t hide it in a part of your yard that is hard to get to or blocked by overgrown shrubbery and trees.

This will make it harder for you or an electrician to check the things for repair or maintenance if something goes wrong. If possible, keep it in plain sight. If you want to put your unit behind a fence or wall, then choose one that has an opening large enough for easy access so that you won’t have any problems later on.

Protect the Unit from Insects

If you are going to install a Condenser Unit of HVAC outside, it is important that you protect it from pests. People usually hide the unit under some bushes or trees in the garden which may be a habitat for rodents and insects. It will be very dangerous if these pests attack your condenser unit as they can damage it badly. You should always take precautionary measures when installing your air conditioner condenser outside so that no pest should not get into your unit and cause any kind of damage.

If small insects or pests succeed to enter your unit, they can damage your compressor and other important parts of your air conditioner. It will cost you a lot of money if you have to repair it. Therefore, you should also regularly clean your condenser so that there is no accumulation of dust on it which may attract these pests.

Prevent Overheating by Proper Air Flow

Avoid placing your air conditioner in a place where it’s likely to overheat.  Try to make sure that there is sufficient airflow around and through your unit, so that it doesn’t get too hot while working hard to provide you cooling during hot summer days. The easiest way to do that is by making sure there are no obstacles blocking its path from blowing hot air out into it.

Consider putting it on an elevated platform with open space underneath for air to flow under and around it. The recommended clearance for airflow with respect to any object near your unit should be 12 inches. You should also maintain 5 inches clearance above the unit to provide room for upside airflow.

Create a Cool, Shady Space

If you are attempting to Hide Your Air Conditioner Condenser in yard then make sure that you have made a shaded area for it. It is best to place your AC condenser unit in an area where it will be partially shaded by trees or shrubs. If you do not have any of these options available, consider adding some shade structures to help keep your air conditioner condenser from overheating. You can make one by wood framing and covering with plastic sheeting.

If you have questions about how to disguise your unit in an effective way, contact a professional HVAC technician who can help and guide you through the whole process of installation and maintenance of your air conditioner.