Upgrading Solar Battery For Your Hawaii Home 2022

If you own a solar system, you’re harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity. But if you don’t have a battery backup, your lights could go out when the sun isn’t shining and your appliances will stop working. A battery backup system can fix this problem and also provide additional benefits like allowing you to use your appliances even during a power outage or saving up energy produced by your solar panels to use at night or on cloudy days. Here’s how to upgrade your solar panel system with a battery backup.

Is it difficult to add a battery backup to your solar system?

Batteries can help give you power backup, but some people wonder if it’s difficult to add a battery backup. It actually depends on your solar system whether your system is already designed for a battery backup or not. If your solar panels are connected directly to battery supported inverter and there are no other components involved, then adding a battery will be fairly simple. But if you don’t have a battery-supported inverter, then it will be a bit difficult.


Things to Consider Before Upgrading for Battery Backup


Before deciding on whether or not to upgrade your solar panel system with a battery, there are some things that should be considered.


1. Is your Inverter capable of handling battery backup? If you are adding a battery to an existing solar system, it’s important that you know if your inverter can handle it. If not, then you will need to upgrade your inverter as well.


2. What type of battery backup will you need? There are three types of battery backup systems that you can add to your solar system.


3. Are you interested in off-grid or grid-tied battery backup? If you are looking for off-grid battery backup, then you will need a different system than if you are looking for grid-tied battery backup.


4. What cost are you willing to pay? The price of battery backup systems can vary greatly depending on what type of system you choose and how much power you need.


How to upgrade the Solar system with a battery?


Batteries provide backup power during blackouts and can even be used as an alternative source of energy when solar panels aren’t generating enough electricity. If you’re thinking about adding batteries to your solar system, here are some options you can go with.


1. Add Battery backup with AC Coupling:


Usually, grid-tied inverters are used for solar systems, but if you want batteries as well then you can go for AC coupled system which will help you to store more energy and use it when required. In this option, a separate inverter is integrated into the system along with a battery. AC coupling allows storing extra power generated by your solar panels during peak hours of sunlight and using it at night or on cloudy days.


AC coupled systems are cost-effective as they can be used with existing inverters but are less efficient. You will lose some power while charging and discharging batteries because of conversion (DC to AC) losses.


2. Add Battery backup with Inverter Replacement/DC Coupling:


This is an ideal option for those who want maximum efficiency from their solar system and want to use batteries as a backup source of energy. In this method, you need to replace your existing inverter with a battery-supported inverter that can directly store power generated by your solar panels.


Upgrading your solar system with a battery by replacing an old inverter is a bit costly because you will have to spend on buying batteries and new inverter along with installer expenses. But it’s worth spending if you want maximum efficiency from your solar panels with a good backup too.