Which Appliances Use the Most Electricity?

There are many items in your home that use a lot of electricity, but did you know that some use more than others? If you’re looking to cut back on your electricity bill, it’s best to know which appliances are the biggest energy hogs so you can unplug them when they’re not in use. If you’ve been struggling to control your budget, read on to learn and reduce your energy costs.

Air Conditioner

Home appliances consume a bunch of electricity, and air conditioners are no exception. If you live in a hot climate, you’ll likely use your air conditioner more than any other appliance. This means that it will also be one of your largest energy (kWh) consumers. It is important to keep an eye on how much energy your air conditioner uses so that you can adjust your usage as needed to avoid high bills.

Kitchen Appliances-Electric Oven & Stove

Electric ovens and stoves have consistently been some of the biggest users of electricity in households. An electric oven of 2500W uses about 75kWh of electrical energy a month, which is a significant amount when you consider that most people only use their oven for an hour or two each day.

Similarly, an electric stove of 1500W uses 45kWh/hour, which is also a big amount. In total, it’s estimated that these two appliances can account for up to 10% of your electricity bill each month.

Water Heater (4-person household):

A water heater is responsible for running every time a hot shower or bath is taken. Its energy consumption makes it one of the most expensive appliances. In terms of energy use, heating water accounts for about 15% of total household energy consumption. Be sure to get an Energy Star model that will save you money on energy bills.


Most homes have a refrigerator, and it’s no surprise why, Refrigerators keep food fresh and safe to eat. But we often forget that they also use up a lot of electricity. In fact, refrigerators can account for about 162 kWh per month, which is almost 10% of your average bill. To save money on your energy bill, consider unplugging your fridge when you aren’t using it.

And if you don’t need to keep something cold, try storing it in a sealed plastic bag instead. If you don’t want to lose access to ice or cold water, look into getting an Energy-efficient model.


If you’re washing a full load of laundry every day, it might be time to buy a new energy-efficient washer and dryer. In fact, if your machine is more than 10 years old, chances are it uses more electricity than newer models. It takes about 5% of the energy used in homes in America, but most people don’t realize how much they can save by replacing their older machines with more efficient models. The washer and dryer use 3045W cumulatively. That may not seem like a lot, but that adds up over time.

Media Boxes & Television

These devices tend to have a higher energy consumption since they’re always on and operating. To minimize your electricity bill, turn off your TV and media equipment when you’re not using it. Televisions, cable boxes, and video game consoles are notorious for consuming large amounts of power when left on standby mode. 

If you’re looking for ways to cut back on your monthly expenses, make sure these appliances are turned off whenever possible.

To minimize your energy bill, you should also consider replacing your old appliances with newer models. Newer models are more efficient and consume less electricity than older models. If you’re looking to save money on electricity, turn off the more energy-consuming devices when not in use and replace them with newer models as soon as possible.